Subtitles May Who? (2015) เมย์ไหน..ไฟแรงเฟร่อ

Original Title

Pong is a high-school geek who belongs to a group of high school outcasts known as the “Invisibles”, and enjoys letting his imagination run wild by drawing cartoons. May-Who is also one of the “Invisibles” and has an extraordinary secret: an ability to discharge electricity like a Tesla coil. Whenever her heart beats faster than 120 beats per minute her body releases a powerful electricity charge. Pong accidentally learns about this and promises to keep it a secret in exchange for helping each other win over their own high-school crushes.


(0 downloads) Aired January 10, 2017
(4 downloads) Aired March 1, 2016
(13 downloads) Aired January 7, 2016
(18 downloads) Aired December 27, 2015


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