Subtitles Silent Witness S20E04

Season 20, Episode 04 — Discovery Part Two

Having found a link between the two cases, the team struggles to make sense of it. Nikki visits a disgraced former colleague who may hold the key. Thomas uncovers the bizarre truth about how Tina died.

Silent Witness originally followed the work of forensic pathologist Dr. Sam Ryan, played by Amanda Burton. In 2004, Burton left the series and Nikki Alexander, played by Emilia Fox, joined Dr. Leo Dalton (William Gaminara) and Dr. Harry Cunningham (Tom Ward) on the forensic pathology team. The series was created by an ex-police officer, Nigel McCrery.

(10 downloads) Aired January 10, 2017
(6 downloads) Aired January 10, 2017


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